About BoardSpace

BoardSpace was built by a team who believe that the work of volunteer boards of directors and the people that work with them to be very valuable to the communities they serve.


To help the worlds’ volunteer-led boards of directors do a better job.


Volunteer Boards are vastly more effective and their communities are better served.

Our Values

We aim to be transparent in all of our internal and external interactions with people.

BoardSpace is a learning organization and is committed to continuous learning.

We will practice good governance internally and promote good governance practices in our software.

We strive towards creating the best software available on the market.

Meet Our Team

BoardSpace Bill

Official Mascot

Bill was blasted out of a canon at Montreal Startup Festival and landed in Pat Crosscombe’s lap. After that harrowing experience, he is content to be the BoardSpace mascot.

More about Bill

Photo of Pat Crosscombe

Pat Crosscombe

Founder & CEO

Pat’s experience on her condo board led her to the conceptualization and creation of BoardSpace.

More about Pat


Jeff Watson

Lead Developer

Jeff is a graduate of the Computer Engineering Technology-Computing Science program at Algonquin College and has been with BoardSpace since November 2014. Jeff has experience in application development and database architecture.

Rick Monk

President & CEO , M Sight Global inc.  Advisor

Richard’s consulting practice focuses on governance, strategy, and performance. He is a staunch advocate of the role that good governance plays in the long-term sustainability of not-for-profit organizations.

Steve Davis

BoardSpace Advisor

Steve is serial technology entrepreneur and business coach with experience as a Social Media marketing specialist. He is a Professional engineer (PEO) with over 30 years of experience as a software architect in the field of mobile, web and platform development, embedded software and network security design.

Ron Gagnier

Designer, Advisor, Speaker

Ron is a champion of customer experience, product design and design thinking. He has worked in the design studios of IBM, started the design program at Halogen Software,  & been a design consultant with start-ups and enterprise companies for 20 years. He currently acts as the resident design expert at Invest Ottawa.


Uyen Nguyen

Marketing & Sales Specialist (Alumni)

Uyen is a 3rd-year student studying Business with a specialization in Marketing (Bachelor of Commerce BCOM) at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa.

Claudia P. Chandra

Product Marketing Specialist (Alumni)

Claudia is a 1st-year master student studying E-Business Technologies at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Ottawa. Claudia has experience in digital marketing and market research.