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Software that organizes and secures your documents.

Never worry about finding your needed document again.



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  • NFinding documents is a breeze.
  • NTags make documents easy to find for users.
  • NProvide secure & safe storage of your documents.


Customizable library

Create a customizable library that meet your organization’s specific needs.

Flexible Library

Need to make changes? Update whenever needed.

Pinned Documents

Pinning documents to the top of page for increased visibility.

Pinned Tags

Let users set up their own favourite or frequently accessed tags.   

Merge Tags

Easily merge duplicate tags.

Tag Management

Easily correct typos, edit tag names or add new tags.

Document Deletion

Control who can delete documents in case of error or misuse.


Put your older documents in an accessible space separate from the main library.  

Manage Tags

Review library & correct typos and review usage. 

Merge Tags

Quickly find tags with similar names and automatically retag and update documents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tag library?

A tag library is a collection of documents organized using tags.

I am more used to folders. How are tags better?

We decided to use tags because it makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for. Most people know the general topic of a needed document, but won’t know its exact name. Tags are like keywords or topics that you apply to every document that describes the document’s content.

Who creates the tag library?

The tag library is created by the board admins.

How many documents can I pin?

As many as you like, but we suggest limiting the number to about 5 – 10.

Can anyone delete a document?

No, but if you upload a document of your pet pug by mistake, you can delete it in the first 7 days after uploading.

Why use tags when folders would work?

We’ve used folders for a very long time and think they are the only or best way or organizing documents. A document can be in one folder at a time, but using tags allows for the addition of multiple tags (or topics or keywords) that describe the document.

An example; where would we put a Roofing Report produced by ACME Engineering? It would go in ACME Engineering’s folder because they produced it and also be put in a folder for Roofing Reports. It is in two places.  By tagging the document with ACME Engineers and Roofing it can be found by looking either way.

Is the tag library customizable?

Yes, it is fully customizable. You can create as many tags as necessary and add custom names to each tag.

What is the difference between pinned documents and pinned tags?

Pinned documents are pinned to the top of the documents section and pinned by the board admins for everyone. A set of pinned tags is chosen by each user to reflect their more frequently accessed tags.

Who can delete documents?

Only board admins can delete documents. Deleted documents show in the audit log.  

How much data are available?

Each organization is allocated 500GB of data.  That is a LOT.