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Automate board meeting preparation

Ensure that directors have the right information to prepare for board meetings.



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  • NStreamline meeting preparation for directors
  • NSimplify agenda preparation using reusable templates
  • NAccessing meeting materials is a breeze


Agenda Templates

Create re-useable templates for every kind of meeting.

Agenda Builder

Create fast using our easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder.

Agenda Modules

Create a customizable library that meetings


Assign agenda items to individuals and allocate time.

SMART Meetings

Start and end meetings & add the date and time with the click of a button.

SMART Motions

Quickly approve motions from dropdowns with pre-populated directors’ names.

SMART Attendence

Take attendance fast with a tick in the check boxes beside potential attendees’ names.

SMART Actions

Assign an action or a project during a meeting.

Directors' Terms

Set the length of director terms and add start and end dates.

Dynamic Agenda Modules

Create a customizable library that meetings your organization’s specific needs. .


Invite directors to e-sign approved minutes.


Add comments before, after or during meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions



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    Is the drag-and-drop agenda builder easy to use?

    Yes. We designed it to be easy to use. Guides are also provided to show how to use it.

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    Who can delete a meeting?

    Only the recording secretary can delete a meeting and only if it has not been approved.

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    Who can upload documents to a meeting?

    Any member of the board or manager or staff member assigned to the board can upload a document. Only the recording secretary can organize the documents by agenda item.

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    How many agenda templates can I make?

    You can make as many templates as you need. We’re not counting.

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    Can I have more than I recording secretary?

    Yes, you can have more than one recording secretary but not at the same time. It is easy to switch between secretaries as needed.

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    How are actions tracked automatically?

    As soon as even a rough idea of a task or project gets started it will never fall through the cracks as reminders will be sent weekly. A master list of all actions is also provided.

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    Why do you call the minutes SMART? What does SMART mean?

    The SMART refers to the automatic and dynamic features of the minutes. For example, the call to order or the adjourn button automatically add the date and time from your computer

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