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Software for managing events.

Never miss an event & even better, inform your owners & members, too.



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  • NGet reminded about upcoming events.
  • NOne-click and added to a meeting agenda.
  • NKeeps events details for future reference.


Create Recurring Events

Set recurrence to weekly, monthly, annual + more. 

Create events for 3rd Tuesday of every month

Or for any other specific week day and week of the month. 

Full Flexibibily

Choose who gets reminders. 

Quick Add

One-click add to meeting agenda.


We let you know of upcoming events so you don’t miss them. 

You Decide

Share select events with your owners or members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send reminders to my condo owners?

Yes. Owners can be reminded about upcoming events too.

How do I add and event to the meeting agenda?

It’s easy. Click on the event and add to the correct meeting date. This  adds it to the bottom of the agenda.  

Can I send multiple reminders?

Yes. The number and timing of reminders is set by you. You can have as many as you like. 

Can I delete an event?