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Software for creating polls. 

The easy-to-manage feature that allows for the collection of feedback, opinions, ideas and more.



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  • NEasily collected feedback.
  • NIncluding owners & members in polls gets their input into issues.
  • NSchedule polls to launch at a set time.


Add 1 or More Questions

Add as many questions as needed for each poll.

Allow multiple answers on each question.

Some questions need more than I answer. 

Set Closing Dates

Polls close on the date chosen or when everyone has voted. 

Decide Privacy Level

Some poll results should be know to everyone and some to no one. 


Send reminders to those who haven’t yet voted. .

Rearrange Questions

Change your mind on the order of questions. Easily fixed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I include owners or members in the poll?


When do polls close?

Polls close on the date chosen or when everyone has voted. 

Can I manually close a poll?

Yes. If you want to close a poll early, it is easy to do so. 

Why would I want everyone to see the poll results?

If you are asking directors to choose the best time for a next meeting, there is no harm in everyone knowing with everyone is available. 

How do I send reminders?

Clicking on the reminder icon automatically sends only to those people who have not yet voted.

How do people know they have been invited to a poll?

An email is sent to every invited person and a tile shows on the home page. It would be hard to miss a poll invitation.

Check out these other features

Check out these other features