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Manage Projects and To-do Lists

Leave meetings knowing what needs to be done for the next.



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  • NAdd clear action items during meetings and stay on task with automatic reminders.
  • NTrack your action items from a centralized place.
  • NAlways be organized and get done what you agreed to do.


Create to-do Lists

Assign tasks to individuals.

Create Projects

Assign projects to groups.

Add Action Items

Add during a meeting or outside a meeting.

Quick Add

Assign tasks during a meeting.

Full Flexibility

Edit every detail. Postpone, add or remove an assignee, add details.

Action Review Module

Add optional module to minutes. Shows the board a list outstanding actions.

Frequently Asked Questions



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    Can I assign action items to more than I person?

    Yes. You can have a team of as many people as you need assigned to an action.

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    How do I put the ongoing actions into the minutes?

    It’s easy. When creating the agenda, add the “ongoing actions” module. This automatically adds the board’s outstanding actions.

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    What happens when a director leaves the board but doesn’t finish their assigned task?

    No worry. There is always a Board Admin who can make any necessary changes to projects or to-lists items even if the project lead has left the board. Replacements can be added, and due dates edited.

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    Can I add a comment to the project or task?

    Yes, comments can be added.

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    I’m on my condo board. Can owners see the projects or to-do lists?


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    I don’t always assign a task to someone during the board meeting. Is there another way to do this?

    Yes. Actions can be added anytime by going to the action list and clicking on the Add Action button.

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    How do I send reminders about the tasks?

    You don’t have to send reminders. We send emails weekly to remind board members and managers of their outstanding action items.

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    I have 5 people on one project. Can I give each person different tasks? Can each task have a different due date?

    Yes and Yes.

    Each person can be assigned to specific tasks. Each task can have a different due date.

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