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Introducing BoardSpace: Building Better Boards

Get more done for your board—in less time

Are you a busy property manager or director who is tired of :


Struggling with minutes?

Keeping up with who is doing what?

Searching for documents in your inbox?

Juggling multiple tools and programs?

Let BoardSpace streamline your work!

Who is BoardSpace for?


Home Owner Associations

Property Managers

Non-profits Associations

Community Associations

Volunteer Directors

Small businesses


Executive Directors


BoardSpace provides everything you need to run a successful Board.

Our secure cloud-based board software offers four key features—all on an intuitive, easy-to-use, time-saving platform.


Get a quick overview of all the boards you belong to or manage—an especially handy tool for property managers who operate multiple condos.

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Meeting Minutes

Never disagree over “who said what” again. BoardSpace documents your decisions in real-time, and always has draft minutes ready to review at the end of your meetings.

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Task Tracking

Easy task tracking makes it simple for board directors and property managers to keep track of their deadlines and responsibilities.

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Information Access

Store your documents in one central online location that all stakeholders can easily access. No more searching frantically through your email, looking for an attachment.

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“Using BoardSpace is a huge win for condo boards. It significantly reduces the pain encountered on a regular basis.”

Yawar Khan

Principal, Integral Property Management

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