We know Boards. We know your Pain.

Charities & Non-Profit Organizations


Intuitive, easy-to-use, time-saving Board Management Software.


Anyone who has been part of a Board of Directors knows the enormous amount of time required to keep up with the administrative side of things.

Built for boards

Our board management software is created specifically for boards of directors of charities, non-profits and associations. It is designed by a team that understands the specific challenges faced by today’s directors, professionals, and volunteers working on boards.

Simple, intuitive platform

Get started in minutes! BoardSpace is easy to use from the outset, allowing you to focus on your meetings and tasks instead of fussing with software.

Preserve corporate knowledge

When a director leaves, any information in their email or on their computer is lost. But with BoardSpace, all information is preserved—and made available in one central location. Regardless of who is coming or going, members can learn from the experiences of previous directors and property managers.

Improve Volunteer Experience

Give your volunteers a better experience by providing them with software that makes their involvement easier.

Designed for board governance

BoardSpace is designed with good governance in mind. Our software not only applies best practices to help boards meet their many responsibilities—it also helps reduce the potential for lawsuits.

Secure storage, available 24/7

Never lose a file again! BoardSpace provides everything you expect in a secure cloud-based board management software program. Your records are securely, simple to organize, and are easily searchable anytime.

Earn auditors’ love

As an extra bonus for using BoardSpace, you’ll be doing your auditor, board members, and stakeholders a favour: they love accessing records electronically and not having to search through boxes of paper files!

three key features

Using an intuitive, easy-to-use, time-saving platform.


SMART minutes

All decisions recorded in real-time so nothing will ever be lost.



Easy task tracking of every action taken for Board decisions.



Easy access to documents for all members of the organization.

smart minutes

Never disagree over “who said what” again. BoardSpace documents your decisions in real-time, and always has draft minutes for review at theend of every meeting.


Deadlines and actions visible at all times. Delays and Task Completion prior to every Board meeting. Notifications sent directly to individuals responsible.


Easily find documents using Tag Search feature.

Introduction to BoardSpace

A short video about our software.

Affiliated Companies

Do you have electronic copies of all your corporate records? Never risk losing your paper files! Let YPITData’s expert team digitize your paper records and save in BoardSpace.

Let Minutes Solutions provide professional minute taking and transcription services for your meetings and AGMs.

Available in Toronto & Ottawa.