Bill’s #loveYOUR Campaign

BoardSpace is pleased to announce the start of boardspaceBill’s #loveYour campaign for the month of February – the month of love highlighted by the celebration of Valentine’s Day.  BoardSpaceBill is the official host of the campaign.

#loveYOUR Director

#loveYOUR Property Manager

#loveYOUR Secretary 


This is a campaign to show appreciation to the directors, property managers, and administrators of condominiums, HOAs, community associations, housing cooperatives and not-for-profits for their contribution to bettering their communities.

Why Bill?

Because is Bill is #OKinPink.  Pink represents the colour of love and love is magical and so is Bill.  And Bill really wanted to have his own campaign.

Throughout May Bill wants to hear from you about hard-working individuals who are directors or managers of condos, HOAs, community associations, housing cooperatives, and not-for-profit associations.

Do you know someone that you want to recognize?  Tweet @boardspaceBill with details about these awesome people, or add a comment to Bill’s facebook page or complete the form at the bottom of this page – yes the pink one. Tell him why your nominee should be recognized by his #loveYOUR campaign.  Bill will be tweeting about these wonderful people, posting on his FaceBook and Instagram pages, on the BoardSpace website and in the next edition of our newsletter.