Pat Crosscombe

Founder and CEO of BoardSpace

Her vision and determination to improve condos and boards of directors led to the development of BoardSpace.

Since starting to work on her passion, Pat knows that BoardSpace will bring value to Home Owner Associations (HOAs), Community Associations, Housing Cooperatives, and non-profits of many types.

Pat is the past President of her condominium board of directors

She was responsible for governing an 87-unit townhouse condominium that had previously been a rental property.

This condo has faced what seems like every possible challenge known to condominiums: lawsuits, mediation, title insurance subrogated claims, declarant misbehavior, owner challenges, dog issues, special assessments, new bylaws, special engineering studies, reserve fund studies, fire code violations requiring a court appearance, overseeing a tender for very large roofing projects, water and sewage infiltration in basements, and much more.

Pat even gets up on roof tops

This extraordinary experience as a director required that Pat take every opportunity to learn more about condo management and governance in order to keep with the challenges.

Pat is passionate about improving governance and sharing her experience with others. She believes that if owners and directors had better information and knowledge about condominiums and what it really means, many problems could have prevented and would result in owners achieving the worry-free lifestyle promised.

If it takes getting up on a roof to learn more about flat-top roofing, Pat is game to find out.

Writing and Blogging 

Pat has been active blogging and writing. She is very proud to have five articles published by Condo Business Magazine. 

Searching for condo board software

How to find the right board tech

With technology moving into every aspect of our lives, it is no surprise that condominiums are following suit. As such, it can be daunting for a condo board to find software that fits their needs and their condominium community.

Keys to condo board success

The best practices of successful directors

Serving as a director can be a daunting task considering all the responsibilities involved in governing a condo corporation’s affairs, which can include making tough financial decisions. 

A director’s toolkit for renovation success

Planning and oversight key to positive outcomes for condo projects

Given how much corporations are likely to invest in renovation projects, it’s important to set them up for success. Here’s advice to help directors do just that.

Condo corporation facing a special assessment?

Five principles for directors staring down tough decisions about money

Making decisions as a condo director is part of the job. Financial decisions, especially those involving special assessments or fee increases, are tough. 

Five things new condo directors need to know now

What do new condo directors need to know right away?

Congratulations on getting elected to the condo board! Now the fun begins. For first-time directors, there is an overwhelming amount of new information to digest.

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