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What do you need help with?

I want to change my password

You can change your password at any time.  Log out and click on “I want to change or reset my password”

You can also login without using a password. Click on the button “Log in with email.” A link will be sent to the email registered with this account and can be used to log in.

Why can't I see the minutes?

The annual meeting draft and final minutes are available for your viewing.

Monthly board meetings are not available until they are approved. 

What is the Home page?

Find when the next meetings and upcoming events are taking place.


How to find documents

Use the tags to look for documents. 

More than one tag can be clicked and used to find documents. If you don’t find what you are looking for click on reset and start again. You can also unclick each tag. 

Pinned Tags: Drag your favorite or most frequently used to this section.


Stay up-to-date with events taking place. Click on a row to learn additional details.

Some events will combine email notifications with the event.


You could be invited to vote on a poll.

If you are invited, click on the tile from Home. 

Once the poll has closed, the results will be available for viewing.