How to be the Best Homeowner Association Manager


What are the characteristics of the best homeowner association managers? Managing a community association, condominium, or homeowners association is a formidable task.

It requires individuals who are nothing short of superheroes, possessing a unique blend of skills and qualities.

Effective managers are:

  • Superheroes,
  • Masters of management, never governance,
  • Unafraid to say “No”,
  • Resourceful,
  • Technologically savvy.

For more insight into each of these traits, let’s delve deeper.

Managers are Superheroes

Every manager of an HOA is a superhero. Although they might not leap tall buildings, their superpowers include vast knowledge about community management—from property maintenance to HOA law, and conflict resolution to strategic planning. Continuous education is critical due to the the industry’s ever-evolving nature.

Beneath their superhero exterior, you’ll find resilience (thick skin from handling difficult interactions), expansive knowledge (oversized brains filled with necessary expertise), meticulous attention (eagle eyes that miss no detail), and keen listening skills (owl-like ears for monitoring board dynamics and community issues).

Managers Manage and Never Govern

True managers focus on management and steer clear of governance, which is the purview of the board of directors. Emulating a modified version of Reinhold Niebuhr’s serenity prayer, they seek the strength to manage effectively, the courage to let governance remain with the board, and the wisdom to recognize the difference. Managers respect this boundary consistently, reminding the board when lines begin to blur.

Knowing When to Say NO

The best managers know the importance of setting boundaries. Directors often overload managers with tasks, potentially leading to burnout. It’s crucial for managers to assertively say “No” when necessary, helping directors understand their capacity and prioritizing tasks effectively to manage their workload and prevent overwhelm.

Resourcefulness is Key

Even the most knowledgeable managers encounter new challenges that require innovative solutions, especially in older properties or when integrating new technologies like green energy systems. Resourcefulness involves leveraging expert advice and presenting well-rounded solutions to the board.

Technological Savvy

In today’s digital age, being tech-savvy is non-negotiable. Top managers go beyond basic software like Excel and Word, embracing cloud-based HOA management software that enhances efficiency and potentially automates various aspects of association management.

In summary

The best homeowner association managers combine a strategist’s foresight with a seasoned executive’s acumen. They are proactive, resourceful, and equipped with a robust technological toolkit, enabling them to meet the complex demands of modern community management. By embodying these qualities, they enhance their effectiveness and contribute significantly to the well-being and operational success of the communities they manage. Embracing these traits will set any manager apart as a leader in homeowner association management.