What’s new in BoardSpace?

Discover our newests features and updates

December, 2023 Release 3.8.

Focused on improving mobile (phone) user experience

Take a look at our revamp of the BoardSpace mobile interface, creating a fresh and modern look.

But it’s not just about aesthetics – we’ve also added exciting new features to enhance your experience.

Now, you can review actions, leave comments, vote on polls, and view events.

It’s all about making board management on your phone easier and more interactive.

October, 2023 Release 3.7, focused on improving user experience

We’ve brought back the menu labels for the left-hand side menu.

New icon to indicate the drop down menu.  

Drop down menu has been reorganized and the names of the layers improved to make more sense.  

Our top navigation has received a few minor tweaks to guide people more easily.



New directors and admins can follow through the sections and learn more about BoardSpace.

Minor Tweaks 

Board Information is now Contacts

Users are now People. We never liked called our BoardSpace people “users” as it always sounded a bit rude.

Admins will notice a few changes for adding people.

Agenda Templates & Agenda 

Admins and Recording Secretaries will notice the drag dots (the 6 dots) on the left-hand side.

Bug Fixes  

A fix to the agenda presenters.