A Series about Minutes, Meetings & Effective Decisions


A 4-part series about board management; minutes, meetings, property managers & effective decision making.

Part 1: How to take better minutes: 5 Tips

Minutes have an image problem, and we need to fix it. No one loves their minutes; no one even likes them. Directors need to know how to take better minutes.  The hardest position to fill on any volunteer boards is the secretary and then no one ever does anything with their minutes anyway. 

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Part 2: SMART meetings: get the most out of your board meetings

Does your board have great meetings? No, not likely. Too many meetings are poorly attended, take far too long, are unproductive, and without purpose or outcomes.

Having great meetings is not mandatory, but holding meetings that people want to attend is a smart approach. Now is the time to make your meetings SMART.  I’m flipping the script on board meetings and starting with the T first.

Yes, I know SMART is spelled S – M – A –R – T, but at BoardSpace, we think differently.

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Part 3: How to be the best HOA Property Manager

What are the characteristics of the best homeowner association property managers? Being a property manager of a community association, condominium, or homeowners association is a tough job.  It takes very special people to be successful in these roles. It takes very special people to be successful in these roles.

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Part 4: Effective decision making for board of directors: Three easy steps

Effective decision making is never easy. Every non-profit expects its board of directors to make decisions. Implementing a process that will help a board make good decisions is preferable to an add-hoc process.  This post details a three-step process that will help boards make better decisions more easily. 

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