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Shake any boredom out of your boardroom this year – 5 wellness principles to energize your meeting format for 2019


Does your regular meeting format include heavy meals, hours of meeting time with little exercise, or a lengthy checklist of approvals and reports with minimal participation or debate? Make wellness one of your first ‘board resolutions’ in 2019.

Boards come together and meet for one reason – to make decisions – and to make decisions that provide the best possible guidance to an organization and its stakeholders. Before people can make well-considered, thoughtful decisions, they need to have the right information, the right tools, a safe environment for frank discussions, and clarity of mind. The atmosphere in your boardroom should support and stimulate this critical thinking role. If the mood in your meeting space has become dull and sluggish, consider leveraging basic wellness principles to recharge and revitalize your upcoming board schedule this year.


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