Manage your for-profit board with easy-to-use Board Management Software

Our simple, online software saves you hours of admin, so you can focus on your work.

How BoardSpace can transform your for-profit board

Being on a for-profit board is a huge responsibility and takes time, energy, and commitment.

BoardSpace helps your board get your work done and is designed with good governance in mind. Our software incorporates best practices to help boards meet their many responsibilities.

Really useful tools for for-profit boards

These are just some of the features that for-profit boards love about BoardSpace.


Find Documents Fast

Track Actions

Take Better Minutes

Follow events

Manage Projects



Always be able to find the documents you need. Designed to make sure current and future users can find their documents


Easy action tracking makes it simple for board directors and property managers to keep track of their deadlines and responsibilities.  Reminders are sent directly to you.

Better Minutes

Never disagree over “who said what” again. BoardSpace documents your decisions in real-time, and always has draft minutes for review at the end of every meeting.


Boards are priceless; our pricing is not.