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Why managers need board management software?


First things first.

You’re very busy. Put our features to work and create better meeting, minutes and boards.  Let us automate the simple things. 

Accessible from any device

Your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone

Customer support that goes the extra mile.

Hop on a video call if needed and get fixed what you need fixed.

We're integrated with Enumerate (formerly TOPS)

Have an idea for another integration. Let us know & we’ll take a look.

We want to make sure BoardSpace works for you. We know it will, but you don’t know that yet, so we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

  • How our 60-day money-back guarantee works.
  • Sign up and start using.

Pick an annual subscription and start enjoying all of BoardSpace’s great features.

  • Not satisfied? No problem!

Contact support and let us know. Give us a chance to fix any issues. If we can’t, you’ll get all your money back. 

We know managers are super busy and find it challenging to keep up with their busy boards of directors.

There is a lot of back and forth with email, text & phone calls.

Directors change regularly and need to be brought up to speed.

So . . . . 

How does BoardSpace help managers and management companies?

Transitions to new directors become smooth & painless.

Give new directors access to our portal so they can review board policies and past minutes, and come prepared for their first board meeting. No more sending orientation packages to new directors because they are already there.

Are your meetings in-person, hybrid or virtual?

BoardSpace excels at getting board meeting packs to board members regardless of how or where the board meets.  Eliminate paper even at in-person meetings. Managers & directors can access BoardSpace on their phones.

Does your board ask constantly if this item is finished?

Stop telling your boards how busy you are (it’s true).  Instead, let BoardSpace show the board how much you have on your to-do list.  Using our action review module (in the minutes) every meeting shows the board what you have on a long to-do list.

Let directors know what they agreed to do. Tracking is automatic. Email reminders get sent from the system and eliminate the sense of being nagged.

Never field emails from directors asking if you have gotten this done or not. Adding to-do items in a flash during a meeting means that the board never leaves a meeting not knowing who is doing what and its due date.

Give owners access to records before they ask.

Our portal lets owners self-serve and find what they are looking for. Why waste time going back and forth sending records by email.

For the recording secretary

Regardless of who serves as the recording secretary, the SMART features of our BoardSpace minutes makes agenda creation, drafting & approving minutes, taking attendance, adding meeting documents and more so much faster and easier. Why not automate what can be automated and leave time for the harder task of helping the board make decisions. 

Stop chasing down signatures for minutes!

E-sign board minutes and never need an ink signature again.

Are you worried about the time it will take to train the board and owners to use a new product?

Worry no more. We will make sure directors and owners get up to speed quickly using BoardSpace.

Securely stored documents give peace of mind.

Your documents are securely stored. And we make it easy to find these documents once saved.

Working with the board of directors becomes a whole lot easier with BoardSpace. 

Request a demo & see BoardSpace in action. 

Power packed with features

Here are a few

  • Send notifications about events to those who need to get them.
  • SMART minutes makes taking & approving minutes fast & easy.
  • Easy-to-find documents & minutes
  • Overview informs you of anything you need to know NOW.
  • Let owners help themselves to records.
  • Never forget & nag-free actions & projects.

Request a demo & see BoardSpace in action.